10 beautiful flowers for a bouquet

10 beautiful flowers for a bouquet

Wonderful bouquets, a very beautiful move to offer joy to our loved ones and to show feelings of love and appreciation through impressive bouquets of flowers. The bouquet has even greater value when it consists of species of flowers that we have collected ourselves from our garden and from nature.

We, at Laura Flowers know that creating a composition, bouquet or any product is a matter of experience and attention to detail. For this very reason, every gift is prepared by our experienced florists and delivered on time, even the same day, beautifully and neatly, without the slightest risk of the flowers being damaged or withered during transport.

How much more beautiful to choose flowers from plants that we have taken care of, we have seen them grow and give us a wonderful flowering. The cut flowers of the bouquet are then put in a vase to decorate our house and give it a natural note of beauty with unique colours and aroma.

We make the appropriate choices and combinations of flowers for our bouquets and bouquets, depending on the flowering season of the plants we have in our garden and we make sure to plant plants with wonderful flowers in a vase that will make it easier for us.

It is important when choosing plants to combine species of flowers that show similar duration when stored in a vase, as if some wither too quickly, the image of the bouquet and the aesthetic effect we have created can be damaged. There are ways to keep the flowers in a vase for more days, however it is a pity to have next to a flower with great durability, one that lasts less time.

As for the colours of the flowers for the bouquets, we choose soft tones when we want to express our love and appreciation. To convey excitement and passion we prefer the most intense colours.

Types of flowers for a bouquet

So let’s see our favourite flowers that we have in our garden, in pots in our yard and on our balconies and we can choose to create the most beautiful bouquets.

1. Roses

A bouquet of flowers most often includes roses, which have the advantage of being kept for at least 10 days in our vase. There are dozens of varieties of roses , with flowers in different colours, small and large, fragrant and not, for garden and for pot on balcony. Rose dwarfs, ground cover, shrubby, climbing, arboreal and so many others.

And we will definitely make bouquets from our own beautiful and blooming fragrant roses. If we want roses to cut flowers for the vase, we choose shrub varieties, with a large flower stalk, suitable for cut flowers, while the miniature roses are suitable for bouquets.

2. Carnation

Carnation is another plant that gives flowers suitable for bouquets and in fact they are kept for at least 2 weeks in the vase. The carnation blooms from April to November and its flowers are found in most yards and balconies of Greek houses, planted in pots and planters. It stands out for its lush vegetation with elongated lanceolate leaves and abundant and impressive flowers in various shades: white, pink, purple, orange, red, yellow and even bicolour.

There are many varieties of carnation, some fragrant and some not, tall and low, other reptiles and other sub-branches ideal for cut flowers. The most famous varieties are the common carnation, the Chinese carnation as well as the carnation of the poets.

3. Gardenias

The gardenia stands out for its wonderful white fragrant flowers and glossy leaves and is ideal for bouquets although its flower lasts for very few days. The gardenia gives us rich flowering in late spring, while it has a second flowering in early autumn. It is planted both in the garden and in a pot in the yard and you will find it on the balconies of most Greek houses. Although the most well-known variety is the common gardenia that we all know, very popular for bouquets is the gardenia large, which is characterized by the large size of its flowers.

4. Freesia

Freesias with wonderful colours and charming aroma, is another bulbous flower that comes in impressive bouquets. The freesia flowers are very durable and can be kept for 10-15 days in a vase. As soon as autumn comes, we plant autumn freesia bulbs to give us their wonderful flowering in late winter and early spring. And as for the colours, what to choose first for our bouquets: red, purple, pink, yellow, fuchsia and white.

5. Dahlia

Our list of suitable plants for bouquets could not but include the dahlia, a herbaceous plant that is planted in spring and blooms in summer. The dahlia flower can be kept for 10 days as a cut flower and give a special note to our home. We can choose from thousands of different dahlia varieties with different shoot heights, with different flower shapes as well as with incredible colours, from white, cream, yellow, to pink, purple, orange, red and even dark red that is almost black.

6. Tulip

We continue the list of flowers for a bouquet of tulips that can be kept for 7-10 days in our vase. The tulip is one of the most beautiful and impressive bulbous flowers that we plant in the fall in our garden and enjoy its flowers at the end of winter. There are tulips in different shapes and sizes with countless colour combinations to choose from, with double petals and more complex flowers.

7. Camellias

The camellia is an impressive ornamental shrub whose flowers are ideal for bouquets and beautiful bouquets. Most of its varieties come from the Japanese camellia, reach a height of 2-3 meters and bloom from late January to mid-May. The camellia stands out for its glossy foliage and its beautiful single or double flowers in white, pink and red. The beautiful camellia flowers can be kept for a week in a vase.

8. Sunflower

Sunflower is a favourite summer plant that can be added to the list of flowers that are suitable for making bouquets and bouquets. Sunflower flowers can be kept for at least ten days in a vase and this is a very important advantage. Although the characteristic colour of sunflower flowers is yellow, new varieties of sunflower have been created in shades from light yellow to red and brown that can give another dimension to our bouquets.

9. Anemone

The anemone, the beautiful bulbous flower that we admire as wild in the countryside at the end of winter can be used in our bouquets. The anemone flowers are kept for about 1 week in a vase. The anemone is planted in autumn and blooms in early spring, giving us wonderful colourful flowers. There are many varieties of anemone in different shapes, sizes and colours, with large single flowers that look like poppies in red, blue, pink, purple and white or with characteristic double flowers.

10. Buttercup

And for the end of the list of plants that give us flowers for bouquets, buttercup is the tuberous ornamental plant that is planted in the autumn season to give us its wonderful flowers in spring. Buttercup flowers last for about & 10 days in our vase. There are many varieties of buttercup in different colours to choose from for our bouquets and bouquets such as yellow, orange, red, pink and white.

Flower compositions and bouquets

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