All you need to know about home renovation


All you need to know about home renovation

As you will surely notice, home renovation is becoming more frequent. Something that used to be relatively rare in the past, is now a “constant value” of our daily lives, since we see that in almost every street there is one of the typical bins for rubble and building materials, which are the clearest indication of a renovate evolve. But why this sudden frenzy with renovation lately?

What brought home renovation to the forefront?

It is known that our country is going through a very bad economic crisis. What you may not know is the fact that for almost 10 years now, construction work across the country has stalled. Even before the crisis broke out, new houses, buildings and apartment buildings were springing up like mushrooms. So for several years now, this has not been the case.

It is no coincidence that the sectors that are active in construction and construction work are also experiencing the highest unemployment since thousands of companies have closed due to the fact that buildings are simply no longer being built.

But why has this stagnation occurred in the construction business that flourished so much in the 90s and most of the first decade of the 20s? The financial crisis also brought a significant drop in the number of mortgages and other loans, so as is logical, there was simply no longer the financial possibility to build new buildings.

In addition, due to taxes and other levies associated with owning real estate, buying a home has simply ceased to be a good investment, at least for decades to come, so few would have made a profit-making investment in the very distant future.

Finally, due to unemployment and general uncertainty, those who had savings preferred to keep them – and preferably take them out of the country – rather than invest in real estate.

The crisis and the home renovation

As a result of all this, those who lived in older homes or wanted a change in their living space, could not, for both financial and practical reasons – lack of new homes – buy a new home. Even if they sold their house, they would be forced to sell it “for a long time”, so in no case would they get the money they needed to move to a relatively new house than their own. In other words, homeowners are essentially “trapped” in their homes.

Recognizing that buying a home was almost impossible, the only solution to give new life to the space in which they will spend their future or to upgrade it to increase its value and make it more attractive in the eyes of investors – buyers , is the renovation. The cost of a renovation – especially if it is total – is certainly not negligible but on the other hand, we can say with confidence that the cost of buying a new home is not even close, especially in our time.

So if you want to change the place you live in either to make your stay even more enjoyable, or to increase its value and the degree to which it will be desirable – so it will be sold at a better price – when it comes out In the real estate market, renovation is something you have definitely considered.

It is true that home renovation is not a very simple matter. Also, it is something that most of us do not have much knowledge and experience, which makes sense since you do not renovate every day. So it is very likely that you have questions about the renovations and their accessories. Here we will try to solve the basic ones so that you can start your own project as soon as possible!

What types of home renovation are there?

In general, we can say that there are two types of renovation: partial and total. As you can understand from their names, the partial renovation includes only some rooms of the house while the total one is done almost all over the house.

The partial renovation is done in houses that are relatively new, in order to bring them for good in the 21st century and to bring one of their spaces closer to the modern aesthetic and practical data. The complete renovation is done in much older houses, which would be impossible to sell or to live properly in their current condition.

We believe that in the vast majority of cases, a partial renovation is enough to renew and upgrade a house as much as possible. It goes without saying that both the cost and the time of completion of the part are much smaller than those of the whole.

How long will a home renovation take?

As we said above, the duration of a renovation depends on its size, which dictates the number of tasks that must be done during it. The key to keeping a renovation as short as possible is to have very good coordination between the workshops that will have to work to complete it so that the work is done in the right order and one workshop does not have to wait for the work to be completed. Another or – even worse – one crew spoils the work of the other with the result that work has to be done again from the beginning. The ideal would be for one crew to leave and the other to enter immediately.

We will not lie: the correct planning of a renovation is a very difficult case, which is why we suggest you hire a good renovation company that will undertake to plan and coordinate the work of the workshops. In no case do not undertake to hire the crews yourself if you do not have the appropriate knowledge and experience in renovations.

Which rooms are best to renovate?

Believe it or not, the rooms that are best to be renovated to increase the value of your home but also to make your life easier in general, are the bathroom and the kitchen. The living room and the bedrooms are not so “useful” rooms and therefore, their main feature is their decoration and furniture. In other words, you can renew these spaces by buying more modern furniture and painting them.

The “quality” of the bathroom and the kitchen depends to a large extent on the utilization of the space and their equipment, so their renovation is more purposeful but also more complex. A modern bathroom and a modern kitchen will definitely increase the value of even a very old house but will also change your lifestyle at home to a great extent – perhaps even radically.

What work can be done to upgrade the whole house?

One of the most common renovation procedures is the thermal insulation of the house and the change of the heating system. It is now necessary for a house to have the best possible insulation to cause less pollution in the environment thanks to the most effective control of the temperature in it, but also for its most economical heating.

Insulation upgrade work usually involves replacing doors, frames and windows made of wood or other materials with poor insulation properties – now aluminium and double glazing are preferred – as well as installing the so-called thermal shell on the outside of the house or the whole building.

When it comes to heating, the most common upgrade is to disconnect from the central oil heating system – especially if this gives no autonomy in the case of an apartment – and switch to gas heating. Natural gas is cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than oil.

It is worth noting that with the above works, your home will obtain a high-class energy certificate, at which time its value will increase significantly, in addition, the “save at home” program can cover a large part – perhaps in its entirety – the cost of this work, so it is a very good opportunity for such renovations.

How do I find a good renovation company?

As we said above, choosing a good and efficient renovation company is the key to getting all the work that such a project can include done correctly and on time. So the easiest way to find one is the internet. Just search for businesses in your area and see the ratings and comments that exist about them on the social media in which they are present.

If you do not have much time with the internet, you can just ask a neighbour or acquaintance who renovated his house or store to tell you which company he trusted and if and how satisfied he was. Finally, we suggest that you get in touch with many companies and ask them to evaluate and offer you the project in order to choose the best and most advantageous solution for you.

A renovation nowadays is one way to highlight and renew your home. We hope our guide has answered your questions so that you can “put forward” your project as soon as possible!

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