If your girlfriend does this during sex, then she is cheating on you

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If your girlfriend does this during sex, then she is cheating on you

The future is an uncertain game where you don’t know where it will lead you, nor what it can do. This seems to be confirmed by Athens escorts, who analyzed the sexual habits of young men and women and – among other things – discovered that the more often a woman fakes orgasm during sex with her partner, the more likely is to cheat him too.

The findings of this research are jaw-dropping, since 1 in 6 women admit that they have cheated on their partner.

By studying the data of women who regularly faked an orgasm with the data of those who had cheated on their partner at least once, they found that these two behaviors of women in sex are combined.

So it seems that women who fake masturbation are more prone to infidelity, but on the contrary, the frequency of masturbation does not seem to affect “illegal” relationships.

A Woman Gives Signs That She Is Unfaithful

I’ll Tell You What Not To Do First:

  • Don’t interrogate her, don’t try to control the woman who she sends to or where she goes.
  • Don’t start whining.
  • Don’t start begging her.
  • Don’t ignore the situation to play it comfortably.

What’s All You Need To Do?

Two Steps:

  • You have a conversation with her about where your relationship is going. No grumbling, no complaints. Tell her that this situation doesn’t cover you and ask her if she thinks you can go back to the “good old days”.
  • As long as you see that he is avoiding the conversation or pretending that everything is fine, you are not arguing. You just break up. Never, for any reason, get into a logical argument with her.

Infidelity can ultimately be a root cause of a breakup, as well as a reason to never go back to an ex again.

Are You Afraid To Divorce?

Something I left for last but you should know is how normal it is to be hesitant to break up. It is completely normal if you are afraid of loneliness and do not trust your abilities to win a woman you like. But the solution should not be to stay in a relationship with a woman who stresses you out and does not satisfy you.

After all the effort to win a woman, flirting, escalating, exposing yourself to make your intentions known, you don’t deserve a bad relationship just because you’re afraid of falling apart.

On the other hand, during a relationship, the woman may go through a bad phase, so she exhibits behaviors that seem to belong to the list of signs you read in today’s article, but in reality, something else is happening.

Talk to the woman and don’t see ghosts everywhere. One of the good relationships in your life can be lost like this.

Finally, you know very well that everything you’ve read will help you in case you already have suspicions, to get rid of the idea, or simply to understand that maybe it’s time to move on to a new relationship. That’s why it’s always better to have an honest discussion and make your decisions afterward.

Stand out from the crowd as the Man of Value that you are because you know who you are and what you want.

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