Old link building techniques that you can still use today

link building techniques

Today, we consider link building to be one of the most important aspects in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But, there are certain instances that it can be dangerous, if you actually have no idea of what you are doing. Most of you think that ‘link building’ is a spammy black hat SEO technique. But little did you know that high quality backlinks are still the single largest off-site ranking factor which is used by search engines such as Google. However, Google has also evolved and you can’t just indiscriminately build links and expect rankings. You can be sure of a penalty if you do so. So, here are a few white hat link building tips that you can make use of this year.

1.       Try Guest Blogging

 Like any other technique, you have to keep in mind to always be careful when it comes to guest blogging. Google had taken off a number of major blog networks claiming that most of the posts were spam and they were also serious about penalising. We can expect Google to keep on refining their algorithm to get rid of these spammy blogs when it comes to guest blogging. However, you have to realize that there is an authentic side to guest blogging. Guest blogging is when a website owner or editor allows you to create high-quality content. The purpose of guest blogging is not backlinks. If you have an occasion to mention some other article that you have written, then you can add a link. There should be a requirement in your content, context, and subject for you to link the site to your own material. The goal of adding a backlink should be clear, helpful and informative.

Always remember that guest blogging is a great way to earn backlinks. If you have other influencers who are willing to write, then you should encourage them to guest blog.

2.       Get Active on Social Media

Creating content is only a fraction of content marketing. The other fraction belongs to promoting your content. There is no doubt that social media is the best way to do this. When you are active in social media, your articles are shared, retweeted, mentioned, talked about etc. As a result of this social buzz you can easily get links. When we say, being active on social media, you don’t have to go on a social media binge and ruin it all. Follow these steps and you are good to go.

  •  Post links to your article on all social media networks if you are a member
  •  Post the link to relevant LinkedIn groups if you are a member
  • You can submit your posts to sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, GrowthHackers.com etc
  •  You can also send direct messages to people who are kind enough to mention your link

This is certainly an indirect way of getting links. However, social signals are not links but when you share your content, other people will read it, like it and maybe share it too. According to BuzzSumo, there is a direct connection between the number of shares and the number of backlinks. You have to be out there promoting your content if you want to see results. Don’t beg for shares and retweets. Be unique and creative and make people like them.

3.       Try out Infographics

People think that these are outdated, but infographics are still and effective technique. Infographics are seen mass produced by businesses who have a considerable marketing budget. You can see a decline in infographic popularity and link building but in spite of the sag, most people still make use of it since its known to help your audience.

 4.       Ask for Links

This in reality is one of the easiest ways to get links. It’s not that you are going to beg for or trade links, its plainly asking for it. You can reach out to people and in a subtle way ask to share your link. You can share their link and then send them a message saying that you did it. It will be like tit for tat. I did something nice for you and can you do something nice for me? Also you can approach people that you know and ask them to share these links. Once your name is branded, then you can easily be in par with other industry leaders and gain the trust and respect that you need from your clients. Word of mouth marketing through your trusted colleagues and friends can go a long way.

 5.       Try to grow your personal brand

Growing your personal brand is a slow process but the end result is totally worth it. You can start by speaking at conferences, helping out people, connecting with your mentors, guest blogging and various other techniques that you can interact with people. It won’t be easy and it will take some time. When you grow your personal brand, backlinks come in naturally. When your name begins to trend higher, you will notice a connecting rise in the number of backlinks to your business or personal website.

Earning links can be a laborious process but it’s still important. You have to remember that you cannot have a top-ranking site without generating high quality backlinks.