The Best 10 Sex Tips!


There seems to be a never-ending mystery about sex (Athens call girls or Athens call girl) and pornstar escorts. Do we all have sex? Yes, how often? Do we all enjoy it? Is there anything else to try?

As long as it’s safe, and healthy, there are not many right or wrong ways when it comes to enjoying sex.

What one person likes, another might hate. But there are some certain ways to reassure that your sex life will has as pleasurable as possible for you and your partner. In fact, these are at least 10 best sex tips to ever come out!

1. Try the Kivin method

The Kivin method is an oral sex technique is a bit different- instead of licking up and down, your partner must lick side to side and across the clitoral for a great orgasm.

2. Get on top

Another best sex tip is a technique that provides more easy access to the woman’s vulva and clitoris than in any other position. A vibrator would add even more pleasure in the sex game.

3. Masturbation play

When you focus on your own pleasure and indulge yourself, you learn more about what your own body wants. It’s really the best way to learn what you like in bed.


Many men have to state that by staying alone for a while, masturbation helps them to relieve the weights of the day and whatever worries them. In simple words, masturbation puts the mind to “work”. It mobilizes the imagination, the wants, the goals, which with orgasm turn red! Endorphins flood the brain, elevating mood.

As much as abstinence has affected a man’s thinking, passion should not lead him to fast sex without precautions once he is given the opportunity. Instead of doing something that for many reasons you may regret for the rest of your life, a masturbation may not satisfy your sexual urge, but it may make you think more clearly.

4. Use lube

Why not try something that is more glider and enjoyable for both… Experiment, put it on you and your partner’s genitals, and use as much as needed!

5. Light up your desire all day

Start playing with your partners mind before date time. Try sending some flirty or “dirty” texts to your partner, to ensure they’re thinking about you till the time of real pleasure.

6. Try a wild sex position

Sex is a balance between mental and physical. There is a variety of  difficult positions that can do way more for you than you’d ever think.

7. Spread your labia

Another best sex tip is to make sure your partner has easy access to your clitoris. Licking is great, but why waste time and take the risk to lose your partner down there!

8. Try a vibrator

Clitoris is like iceberg- you only see a small portion of it! There are nerves ending underneath that you can’t see or touch. Using a vibrator  can help reach these nerves and connect you with your unexplored parts of your body.

9. Give up the eye contact

Sex face-to-face is certainly fabulous, but getting on top and facing away from your partner, gives you total freedom to make whatever you want, especially with your bouncing hubs and butt.

10. Work on your touch

Find a way to work affection that encourages you and your partner to show physical touching and love for one another. You’ll learn about your bodies in a way that is so much deeper than just sex.

11. Call an escort

Calling Athens call girls or Athens call girl is a good way to spice up your sex life and get out of boredom!

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