The Surreal Art of Emma Rodriguez (Mooncrab)

The Surreal Art of Emma Rodriguez (Mooncrab)


Slightly actual, a little surreal, artist Emma Rodriguez’s mystical landscapes transportation you into an alternate truth that we’d quite a great deal like to take a look at in the flesh, or at the quite least, our dreams.

Aware Life style Magazine: How have your lifetime ordeals motivated you artwork?

Emma Rodriguez: My art is centered a lot around my own psychological overall health. For me, it is a usually means of escape—not only the imaginative system but the ultimate impression signifies a way of obtaining out of the environment that surrounds me and transporting me into a different location.

When I go by means of minimal levels in my everyday living, sometimes I sense that is when I am most motivated to produce a little something that signifies the reverse of what I’m likely via, or often, even the exact detail I am going via.

CLM: Exactly where do you draw your inspiration for your perform?

ER: I draw a ton of inspiration from surrealist artists like Dali and De Chirico, and the entire surrealist movement in general as it was a thing I was quite fascinated in through my time at college. I normally intend to generate one thing “other worldly”.



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CLM: What messages does your artwork express or what do you hope it sparks in viewers?

ER: I have experienced a good deal of messages from people who said my artwork has aided them by way of tough occasions and has healed them in some kind of way, which is gorgeous to me. I produce the artwork for my possess mindfulness and self-treatment, and to know that it can help some others with their personal cases is 1 of the most important good reasons why I have on building what I make.


CLM: How do you make your artwork? What is the course of action of birthing a piece like for you?

ER: I can not say I really have a approach I by no means truly have when earning art. I think I just get so fired up by the eyesight of a ultimate piece that I go straight into creating what I have in my intellect,

The Surreal Art of Emma Rodriguez (Mooncrab)

and then it either is effective or it doesn’t. All my operate is electronic, so I first resource the pictures I consider in my head and type them alongside one another applying Photoshop.


CLM: If you could share one crucial piece of wisdom or concept with the entire world, what would it be?

ER: If I have discovered nearly anything from expertise: it is alright to just take a break. If you want a day to continue to be in mattress all day and come to feel garbage, then go forward. You have to have to rest and recharge and give oneself permission to consider a crack from trying to be productive and pretending that you are okay all the time when you’re not.


Emma Rodriguez (also recognised as mooncrab) is from Bristol, England. She graduated from college with a degree in drawing and printmaking. Her most important emphasis is on digital mediums and landscape-primarily based perform. Her art is motivated by her own ups and downs, as it’s generally these times in which she needs to create some thing that can help her get absent. Her do the job can be discovered at @mooncrab.jpg on instagram and kingdom








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