Trends in women’s swimsuits 2022


Summer is approaching, the weather is opening and the shops are filling their shelves with the swimsuits that will be worn in the coming months, γυναικεία ρούχα. I do not know about you, I’m ready to run to the shops to find the summer swimsuit. So before you go shopping, it would be good to do some market research on what is out there. That’s why today I have a list of the 10 biggest trends in swimwear for this summer.

Full body

It has become one of the classic pieces of our summer wardrobe. It is feminine, sexy and elegant. You wear it comfortably on the beach, with shorts or a skirt, even on your night walk, with the appropriate accessories. This year you will see it with a deep neckline, new fabrics, even with long sleeves. Do not forget that the lines of the one-piece swimsuit were designed to flatter you and attract all eyes.

Swimsuit with long sleeves

The long sleeves in the swimsuits were not only made for the sports swimsuits, but also for the more commercial swimsuits with the bold V necklines, giving another breath to the swimsuits as we know them. Patterned sleeves, with slides, with rhinestones, with cuts, with a length at the wrist or even shorter. It is the newest and the designers suggest us! In addition, they protect your skin from the sun.

90s style

The ’80s and’ 90s are back with neon or fluo colors, high-waisted briefs and high-waisted designs. This trend is a bit like Baywatch. Bright red colors, tiny swimsuits with bold high cuts in the briefs, highlight the fit body. Although these designs are not for everyone, red is one of the classic summer colors that you should have in your collection. Maybe if you tried to lift the straps of your briefs by putting it in position V to see if it suits you, you will think better before rejecting this trend.

Vino top

One of the tricks of 2022 in bikini bras was the broken visible band in the middle of the neckline. Originally from Australia, the vanilla takes the shape of an L in the middle of the chest, making it look more well-shaped and full. Although many do not like vino top, it is a solution for all girls who have breasts and are looking for something new in vanilla bras. In fact, this year the Vino Top opens its V revealing even more breasts.

Swimsuit with belt

The belt dates back to the 60’s and gives form to simple sets. Having become accustomed to tying swimsuits on the back or side of the pelvis, swimsuits with a belt may not look so original. This year, however, the belts went under the torso, in the middle and in the pelvis, emphasizing respectively the points you want to highlight. Also, the tie of the swimsuit changes and becomes ingeniously complex, making the swimsuit more interesting and modern.

Pastel swimsuits

The colors of spring will affect the summer as well, making it more romantic and ethereal. They contrast with the intense fluo colors of summer to allow you to change your swimsuit based on your mood. You will see blue and lilac colors, light pink and mint shades, which you can combine with all kinds of shoes and accessories, since they are already in fashion!

Swimsuit with ruffles

The ruffles appeared in the dresses of spring 2022 and after their great success we will see them in swimsuits in various shapes. The ruffles sit on the edge of the briefs, on the sides, running through the chest, sleeves and other parts of the body. They are tiny and romantic, but they gain intensity from the colors and designs. Try them, being careful not to emphasize so much but to hide the points you want.

Beige nude

One of the most difficult swimsuits you will ever wear are those in beige. Whether full body or bikini, the color of your skin becomes one with your swimsuit, clearly revealing every part of your body. It is true that white and beige color erase everything, so wear it carefully and confidently! Find exactly the shade that corresponds to your skin or contrasts nicely with it and put on your cowboy boots or gladiator sandals to combine them all in the most fashionable way!

Metal fabrics

It is one of the most beautiful fashion trends in swimwear for summer 2022, as the metal shines and makes you shine even more under the sun. Also, it is incredibly sexy and flattering in your silhouette and it definitely turns all eyes on you!

Velvet swimsuits

It seems that velvet is not exclusively a winter fabric. It’s time to wear it in a swimsuit. From bikini to bodysuit, the velvet swimsuit will conquer your skin and all the likes on instagram! It is available in many colors and we especially appreciate the intense and bright shades of pink and peach. Be careful when you buy it, check if it is suitable for a pool or sea to know how to maintain it throughout the summer!